Medical and Health Solutions

My Outlook

  • Although as a State Representative I will have to consider and vote on legislation affecting the entire state, I will focus my attention here on the vital issues that affects my supporters in and Nashville citizens in general. I will leave therepresentation for other Tennessee Districts to their elected officials.In order to assure continued growth for Nashville, our community must foster entrepreneurship and innovationto remain competitive in evolving local, national and global economic landscapes. To plan for ongoing economic success, we must encourage collaboration between government, academia and industry, and establish programs that make Nashville an attractive location for existing businesses and for prospective new corporate citizens to accommodate a high volume of migration to our city with good jobs.These strategies and solutions are not meant to be an all-encompassing plan on all the dimensions listed here; rather, my vision focuses on recommendations for specific issuesand are always subject to upgrades and revaluation as other factors may em

My Vision for Medical and Health

  • Improving human healthcare can be achieved by forming a syndicate that  includes healthcare and Information Technology firms that focuses on using data to deliver healthcare to the public while protecting sensitive personal health data records. 

Solution One


  • Support innovation in the region by creating easy to use transfer contracts between universities and key industry associations to increase the economic impact of Healthcare Information Technology (HIT).  

Solution Two

  • Provide business support for local software firms selling their products outside the region.To build closer business ties between healthcare and IT, form a consortium of IT firms as well as a cross-industry working group that focuses on using healthcare data to improve human health. 

Solution Three

  • Expand existing accelerator programs by expanding partnerships with institutions, and explore nontraditional methods in Information Technologies and coding training. Develop a mentoring program to provide HIT experience to students in a variety of clinical settings. Launch a CEO network that brings global management to Nashville, helps young IT companies attract capital and connect to large healthcare firms, and strengthens the link between new businesses and established firms.  

Sollution Five

  • Work with partners to explore and develop local ability to use Blockchain as a new way of recording, managing and authenticating healthcare records.  Sponsor coding user groups, and connect those groups with healthcare firms using HIT data-discovery challenges.