Solutions for Data Infrastructure

Solution One

  • Drive a data-driven culture within Metro Government through ongoing training, including development of a Metro Data Academy associated with the Open Data program. Investigate community training for and pilot the use within Metro Government of blockchain technology as a potential foundational technology.

Solution Two

  • Develop a visualization platform will allow the community as well as data analysts to work with multiple data sets, and present reports and dashboards of findings. 

Solution Three

  • Pilot, with a data aggregation platform, a system that will allow for large-scale analysis of aggregated data collected from across multiple platforms. 

Solution Four

  • Perform a proof-of-concept open data platform that allows for cities and counties within the Metro Planning Organization to standardize and contribute open datasets to a regional open data platform.

Solution Five

  • Continue to develop and promote the Metro Open Data program by engaging more departments and agencies and continuing to publish additional data sets. 

Solution Six

  • Pilot a data aggregation platform that will allow Metro to aggregate, store and organize data from multiple, disparate governmental systems for use by Metro Government and partners.